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Flying squirrels and ringed seals in Estonia

Estonia is already a good country for seeing mammals, often so tricky in Europe. The usual Honeyguide holiday in Estonia includes our partner NaTourEst’s bear hide, where as well as brown bears there are usually racoon dogs and red squirrels. Estonia also has two unusual species of mammal, ringed seals and flying squirrels. Could it be good idea to adapt our itinerary to try to see then on a Honeyguide holiday? Honeyguide’s Chris Durdin asked NaTourEst’s Peep Rooks about these mammals. Ringed seal in Hiiumaa, Estonia (Simo Kikkas) Ringed seals are generally a species of the High Arctic and Chris suggested that Estonian ringed seals would be some of the most southerly in Europe. Peep says: “Yes, the ringed seals in Estonian waters are the most southern population in the world. They ‘got stuck’ in the Baltic Sea after the last ice age, when the land started to rise. We integrate the ringed seals usually to our itineraries as a ’day-tour’, which means we drive to the p