Here comes the elephant (inspired by Namibia)

Here comes the elephant

For anyone missing the regular Namibia blogs, here's a little poem by Christopher Durdin, aged about 62½, inspired by elephants at waterholes in Namibia, November 2018. I had a little trouble with rhymes, which you might be able to help with (not necessarily out loud).

Here comes the elephant
Why did he stop?
Now I know why
Plop! Plop! Plop!

His name is Tiny
I know that sounds silly.
If you think his trunk’s long
Just look at his tusks.

African people
Live in huts.
Elephants break in
To steal their pizzas.

There goes the elephant
He’s done a bunk.
He’ll be back soon
He forgot his ... suitcase.

Elephant at Okaukuejo waterhole, Etosha.


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  2. Was this inspired
    by the elephant's hide?
    Or did a drink at the waterhole
    get you pied?


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