Honeyguide blogs to stop arriving by email

Honeyguide blogs will stop arriving by email during July 2021. The 'Honeyguide blogspot' is set up on Blogger, which is run by Google. The system is now showing an  announcement that "automated emails to your subscribers will no longer be supported." The timescale given is July, though without an exact date.

While there is a facility to extract the emails of the those who have subscribed, we think that a more practical way to be alerted to a new blog is by following Honeyguide’s Facebook page, where blogs get posted. Apart from this one, which is too dull! Blogs are also listed on the Honeyguide news page.

We appreciate that Facebook and other social media are not everyone's cup of tea and we've all read criticism of Facebook and other tech giants. My perspective is that a lot of this is down to users. It's not perfect but we find Facebook is a practical way to share wildlife photos, blogs and other updates. The Honeyguide e-newsletter will continue as now.

In the meantime, writing this short blog is the easy way to explain about this change.

Chris Durdin


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